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Monday, July 23, 2007

Sprint Nextel says customers not dropped because of "frequent calling" to service centers

This is a continuation of Sprint Nextel customer service rep. harasses client; Sprint cancels his account.

Much to my surprise and the surprise of Brian McNeil, Sprint Nextel replied to our request on information and or a statement regarding the Brady incident and the disconnection of over 1,000 other Sprint customer accounts. Here is what they had to say (in Italics).

I appreciate you contacting
Bryan Digiorgio in regards to your story and allowing us a chance to respond. Bryan forwarded your email to me and requested that I respond back to you.

Specific to your first question about terminating service contracts due to numerous calls made to our Customer Care, Sprint does not disconnect customers simply because they call our Care centers frequently.

However, after analyzing calls in our Care centers and identifying a very small number of customers, who, based on their calling behaviors, had ongoing issues that we had not been able to resolve to their satisfaction over a period of at least six months, we decided it would be to everyone's mutual benefit to release those customers from their service contracts, with no penalties. These customers were calling Care 40 to 50 times more often than our typical customers. In some cases, these customers were calling Care hundreds of times each month over a six-month period. Often, the customers continued to call regarding the same issues even after the issues appeared to have been resolved.

Our Customer Care specialists are happy to serve our customers and we encourage customers who have issues or questions to absolutely contact us when they need to. We have worked hard and will continue to work hard to satisfy customer issues and questions to the best of our ability. However, given the six month period of frequent calling, this was a situation that was clearly not satisfactory for these individuals, our larger customer base, as well as Sprint.

In terms of Mr. Brady’s specific situation, we can’t comment, given customer privacy considerations. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Cindy Parks

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Russell said...

This is all of a No Dah! I have been defending Sprint from day one on this. Whenever any other carrier lets go of customers for any reason, they are either not pressed for a reason as to why; or they are given a parade!
Sprint did this because a customer would keep calling, over and over again, in an attempt to get a service credit. If they got these credits a few times a month, their bill was basically paid for. FREE SERVICE!! Sprint got tired of these people scamming the system and dropped them.

So what?! How is this a big deal? Why when Verizon and Cingular canceled customers for using too much of their so-called unlimited data, NO ONE SAID A WORD! But Sprint gets ride of true abusers and they catch all hell for it!

Make up your mind people!! Either complain about the wait times forever, or let Sprint fix it!!