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Monday, August 13, 2007

Wikinews covers the 2007 World Deaf Swimming Championships

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After covering Wikimania, Wikinews user Rico Shen from Taipei, Taiwan has now committed himself to reporting from the 2007 World Deaf Swimming Championships in his city, which opened August 11.

The event is unique because only deaf athletes can participate, and because organizing a competition for deaf swimmers requires specific sign language interpreters, technical staff (for example to operate the 'start' and 'foul' lights) and referees.

Two articles about the event have been posted, the first covering the opening ceremony and the first day, while a second article brings news from day two. Shen's photos can be found in a designated category on Wikimedia Commons, and one of his original images is featured on today's main page, in the News In Pictures section.

Taipei will also host the 2009 Deaflympics.


Sage said...

How long has this blog been showing up on Google News? How'd this get through but Wikinews itself doesn't?

Steven Fruitsmaak said...

Hi Sage,

we've been added to Google News for some time now, DragonFire1024 got us on there. Wikinews itself can't get on because it doesn't have a formal editorial process. Efforts to set up a community mirror with a formal process at have been unsuccessful until now.

grtz, Steven F