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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wikinews interviews Sue Gardner of the Wikimedia Foundation

>>Full Interview

Wikinews reporters interviewed Sue Gardner, an employee of the Wikimedia Foundation, the project that runs Wikipedia and several other projects, including Wikinews.

Before coming to Wikimedia, she ran CBC.CA, the website of Canada's national public broadcaster. She was also a radio and television journalist for 10 years.

Some of the interview:

Matt: Hi Sue, could you explain what you do for the Wikimedia Foundation?

Sue: Sure. I am a consultant & special advisor to the board. Essentially, I am here to help the organization professionalize and improve. It's a young organization with a lot of normal 'young-organization' challenges - and I am here to help fix them.

Matt: What was your job position for, and what did you work on while you were there?

Sue: I was senior director of CBC.CA. (That means I ran it.) Do you want me to explain a little about what it is?

Thunderhead: Please do

Sue: It's the website of the Canadian public broadcaster, the only national public broadcaster in Canada and the equivalent to the BBC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the French pubcaster. etc. CBC is mainly a news organization, and CBC.CA is mainly a news website.

Thunderhead: How did you come to work for the Wikimedia Foundation? Were you asked to join by someone? And if so, who?

Sue: I actually first got interested in the Wikimedia Foundation in a serious way, when I saw it do such a good job on the Virginia Tech story. On the morning of the Virginal Tech massacre, I was following the story on Wikipedia/Wikinews, and reading the talk page. And it was a really excellent level of conversation that was being had there. I was really seriously impressed. So I started doing a little reading about the organization, which resulted in me talking with Brad Patrick and then Florence. Which resulted in me coming here.

**Click here for the full interview**

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