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Monday, April 30, 2007

Wikinews sends reporter to province political party leadership convention

How exactly do you get original reporting from a political convention a thousand miles away from the nearest Wikinews contributor?


On the off-chance that he'd find someone, Wikinews contributor Nick Moreau emailed the journalism course co-ordinator at Dalhousie University, asking for volunteers willing to report from the 2007 Nova Scotia Liberal leadership campaign.

Gillian Cormier stepped up to the plate, interviewing all four candidates ahead of time (Kenzie MacKinnon, Mike Smith, Diana Whalen, and eventual winner Stephen McNeil), and then attended the convention Saturday. Her reporting was filed on the site yesterday, but published this morning.

See Stephen McNeil becomes leader of the Nova Scotia Liberals

(Some of you may be asking, but where's the interviews? Due to time restraints, they will be added to Wikimedia Commons at a later date as sound files, and both Whalen and McNeil's interviews transcribed to Wikisource.)

Our greatest thanks go out to up-and-coming reporter Gillian Cormier. Cormier had interviewed one of the candidates before, for NovaNewsNet. She's been very dedicated throughout the process.

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