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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wikinews sends photographer to concert in Sesame Place

Christy hangs out with Sesame Street characters at the theme park, before appearing in the daily parade.

Wikinews reporter Nicholas Moreau contacted professional photographer David Fore of Lloyd David Photography to go to the recent Christy Carlson Romano concert at Sesame Place theme park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Although Nick describes it "mainly as an exercise to get images for Wikipedia itself" on the news report's talk page, his actions have resulted in an article on Wikinews and new images on Commons. Under his user name Zanimum, Moreau has been contributing to the articles relating to Sesame Street on Wikipedia (for example helping the article Sesame Street to reach FA status).

Nick has successfully used the strategy 5 times already, and said on the article talk page: "If there's any events anywhere in Canada/US/UK/Australia/anywhere else that speaks English as a primary language, I'm willing to get us in, ask me, I can try my best."

Read the article:
Wikinews attends Christy Carlson Romano concert in Sesame Place

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