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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wikinews asks readers: Which "Top Model" do you want us to interview?


For emphasis: SIMPLE LISTS OF CONTESTANTS ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE OVERLOOKED THAN REASONED RESPONSES. Names that may mean something to you may mean nothing to me; for example, I did not like Ann from Cycle 3 but loved Eva. Other people may like Ann and hate Eva, so a simple name doesn't give a why from you, the reader. I want to know why you want your favorite girl to be interviewed, because as viewers do not have one mind, what you may like may not be something I like. I want to hear the who and the why, so you can have the most enjoyable reading experience possible. That's what I'm going for here. Thank you.

Hello, Wikinews readers! This is Mike Halterman. I've started my interviews and plans for the first batch of America's Next Top Model contestants outlined in a post from last month. The interview with Whitney Cunningham (Cycle 8) was published last month, and I plan to have interviews with Keenyah Hill (Cycle 4) and Furonda Brasfield (Cycle 6) published in the next two weeks.

As the news of the interviews traveled across fan sites, I noticed the reactions ranged from "Oh, wow, I really like those girls!" to "Oh, who cares about them? Can't he interview someone people cared about?" I acknowledge I can't win them all, so I am extending a challenge to all of you. Tell me which Top Model girl you want to see interviewed and why, and I will try to get that interview for you.

I really want to hear your picks! I picked the girls I interviewed because I found them interesting, but I want to know what you find interesting, and more importantly, why you find them interesting. Leave a comment here and tell me! When my interviews with Keenyah and Furonda are published, I will announce which girl has won the vote, and if I can get an interview with them.


Anonymous said...

I would like you to interview jaslene. She is the winner, and also a latina. It would be interesting to hear her thoughts on modeling.

LaraLove said...

I would like to see an interview with Brittany from Cycle 4. Of all the seasons, she was my favorite. I loved her personality and I think she's absolutely beautiful. I'd like to know how her career went after the show, if she's still modeling, all that.

ANTMJunkie said...

I'd love to see what the ones who took amazing photos are up to--Shandi and Kahlen, for instance. Did they even have a ghost of a shot in the industry post-show? I'd also love an interview with Joanie--loved her and she's usually pretty amusing. "All I smell is bitch." I bet she'd have quite a bit to say.

Anonymous said...

Elyse Sewell from Cycle 1, Kahlen Rondot from Cycle 4, Kim Stolz and/or Nic Pace from Cycle 5.

Anonymous said...

Victoria or Kathy or Brooke Staricha.

Anonymous said...

Mollie Sue!

Lulu said...

Natasha Galkina, from Cycle 8, please! The girl who SHOULD have won. <3

Juls said...

Natasha, Elyse and Victoria, please!!

Chloe said...

c4 Tiffany.

Anonymous said...

Joanie would be great.

Anonymous said...

Cycle 5 Nik!

Anonymous said...

-Yoanna or Shandi from Cycle 2
-AJ or Anchal from Cycle 7
-Robin from Cycle 1 (it would be interesting to hear what she had to say...)

Nef said...

I would love to hear an interview from any of the more successful ANTM'ers, such as Elyse Sewell of c1, Mollie Sue of c6, or AJ of c7. I would be really interested to hear about how ANTM launched their careers and their portfolios. I would also find it extremely entertaining to hear from "characters" such as Jade Cole or Lisa D'amato.

Anonymous said...

Natasha GAlkina cycle 8. She has an amazing personality and I want to know if she will still persue modeling!!

Anonymous said...

C1 Elyse, C2 Shandi, C4 Brittany, C6 Joanie and Jade!

Anonymous said...

C1 Elyse or C6 Mollie-Sue. There the only ones who've been successful in modelling.

Anonymous said...

I think Leslie Mancia of Cycle 6 would be a good choice. She is signed to two agencies in different states and goes to school. I would like to find out how she manages it all!

Anonymous said...

Yoanna, winner of cycle 2.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read interviews of Elyse of Cycle 1, Jade of Cycle 6 (?), and Natasha of Cycle 8!

Anonymous said...

KYLE! c5

alex said...

Yoanna House
Naima Mora
and Jenah Doucette!!!!

Angelica said...

Cycle 1 Elyse, please! I would love to hear from her and her work experience.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely read Elyse (C1), Joanie (C6) and Jade (C6). Elyse is intelligent, and is doing actual modelling since the show. Joanie was adorable, relatable, and had a fantastic portfolio. Jade was just crazy--in a really, really awesome way.

Anonymous said...

Cycle 1: Tessa, Kesse, Robin
Cycle 2: Catie, Sara
Cycle 3: Kristi, Norelle, Ann, Amanda
Cycle 4: Sarah, Brandy, Brittany, Kahlen
Cycle 5: Sarah, Diane, Coryn, Kyle
Cycle 6: Nnenna, Sara
Cycle 7: Megan, Michelle, Amanda
Cycle 8: Jael, Brittany, Dionne
Cycle 9: Heather

Thanks for considering. :-)

Keesje said...

I'd love an interview with Natasha from cycle 8.

nyymi said...

I'd definitely want to see interview with Jael from cycle 8 or then Mollie-Sue from cycle 6.
Kim Stolz from cycle 5 would be interesting too.

Anonymous said...

Lisa D'Amato from Cycle 6 -- she's the Courtney Love of top model. Even those Jackass dudes called her 'fatal attraction'. She's edgy, witty, uninhibited, and interviews incredibly well. She is always pretty dead on and never fails to entertain, it's in her blood.

Otherwise, I'd also like to see Elyse.

Paul said...

I'd like Kari cycle 6 or Megg cycle 7. But I agree that a girl who went on to be very successful such as Mollie-Sue would be great.

I mean, if she knew what she knew now would she be so gutted to lose out to Jade?

Ellyndia said...

Throwing my hat in the ring for Elyse from cycle 1.

supri said...

1. I'm curious about the 2nd and 3rd placers with good photos - are they working? I have to wonder what they think of the ANTMs who won.

Shannon, Mercedes, Nik, Kahlen, Joanie, Shandi

2. People I loved to hate: Yaya and Melrose -- I know Yaya seems to working IT. I didn't love her attitude, but I'm glad she's doing well.

3. Mollie Sue, Ann: they seem to be actually working runway models! they faced a lot of flack from Tyrant and Co. What do they think of the advice they received, now that they are in the tyverbial "jungle"?

Anonymous said...

elyse, mollie sue

bomitoni said...

I would love it if you interviewed Sara Racey-Tabrizi from cycle 2. She is still the most beautiful girl to ever grace Top Model in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think an interview with Elyse Sewell would be fantastic. She is one of the few models that has been on Top Model to really hit it big in the fashion industry. I would also love to see an interview with Joanie from cycle 6.

LS said...

Mollie Sue FTW!!!

Diana, distorted said...

I'm going to have to list:

-Victoria (C9)
-Sara (C2)
-Elyse (C1)
-Lisa (C9)
-Natasha (C8)
-Mollie Sue (C6)
-Anchal (C7)
-Norelle (C3)
-Amanda (C3)

|PerfectTonight| said...

Please interview the girls who have potential and are actually working like;

Elyse (Cycle 1)
Shannon (Cycle 2)
Yoanna (Cycle 2)
Catie (Cycle 2)
Ann (Cycle 3)
Yaya (Cycle 3)
Michelle (Cycle 4)
Kim (Cucle 5)
Mollie (Cycle 6)
Danielle (Cycle 6)
Jade (Cycle 6)
Leslie (Cycle 6)
Michelle (Cycle 7)
Aj (Cycle 7)
Natasha (Cycle 8)
Britany (Cycle 8)
Heather (Cycle 9)
Lisa (Cycle 9)
Jenah (Cycle 9)
Ebony (Cycle 9)

Girls cycle 1-8 (that I've mentioned are all with the agencies)

Anonymous said...

Natasha cycle 8 because she is just AMAZING! she takes Beautiful pictures! I just want to know whats she is up to. oh and I almost forgot, she is the most interesting girl in the history of ANTM!!

Anonymous said...

Please don't overlook this! I will add my reasons for why I think you should consider these girls.

Cycle 1:
Tessa - I would like to know how she felt, being the first ever contestant to get eliminated. I wish to know what she is doing now.

Kesse - I want to know what she is doing now, and how she felt about being eliminated-- being a front-runner in the competition.

Robin - She was labeled as the "bitch" of the cycle. I would like to know how she felt about it and what she is doing now.

Cycle 2:
Catie - She was one of the youngest and more emotional contestants. Has she matured since then?

Sara - Has she managed to make amends with her father? Modeling was her dream, and did she ever fulfill it?

Cycle 3:
Kristi - One of the conservative girls of the cycle. Did she ever pursue modeling at all?

Norelle - She was portrayed as somewhat ignorant and air headed, but she was a fan favorite.

Ann - She's been one of the more successful girls from the show. Did ANTM help her at all? How does she feel about Jay Manuel?

Amanda - She suffers from an eye condition. How is she coping with it now?

Cycle 4:
Sarah - Does she regret the bitter things she said after Cycle 4 ended?

Brandy - She was labeled as one of the "bitches." Was she ever able to find an agency?

Brittany - She was one of the fan favorites, due to her flamboyant personality.

Kahlen - Another fan favorite, most people believed she deserved the win over Naima. She has stated in Radar magazine that Tyra made her not want to model any more. Why?

Cycle 5:
Sarah - I would like to know how her friends and family reacted to her moments with Kim and what she ended up doing.

Diane - She found a niche in modeling after the show. Does she still model?

Coryn - Lisa D'Amato has stated on Myspace that she and Coryn actually hated each other. How does Coryn feel about Lisa? And I would like to know how her family situation is.

Kyle - It has been reported that she is back to Dexter, working at the Dairy Queen. How and why did she end up back there? She was also a front-runner in Cycle 5, and most people were surprised at her elimination.

Cycle 6:
Nnenna - I would like to know if she is still with John and what made her decide to pursue modeling in London.

Sara - I would like to know why she decided to quit modeling and whether she will be going to law school.

Cycle 7:
Megan - Again, a lot of people were surprised that she was eliminated so early. I would like to know how her modeling career is going.

Michelle and Amanda - Nigel Barker has mentioned that they were among his all-time favorite girls. But despite their potential, they don't seem to be modeling now. Why?

Cycle 8:
Jael - Jay Manuel has said that she shouldn't have been on the show. I would like to know how she feels about that and what she ended up doing.

Brittany - I would like to know how she has changed since the show and if it taught her anything.

Dionne - One of the funniest contestants, I would like to know what she is doing now since it seems she does not model.

Cycle 9:
Heather - Perhaps one of the most popular contestants of all time; being voted CG of the Week after her elimination can attest to this. How did she feel about the fans' response to her. And does she plan to sign with an agency?

Anonymous said...

Brittany from Cycle 4. Of all the seasons, she was my favorite.
Girls Model Picture