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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Get your voice heard: Ask past 'America's Next Top Model' contestants questions!

Wikinews is currently taking questions for nine past 'America's Next Top Model' contestants in our next free, collaborative interview.

The following past contestants will be interviewed:

Jennipher (Cycle 3)

Michelle (
Cycle 4)
Keenyah (
Cycle 4)
Furonda (
Cycle 6)
Brooke (
Cycle 7)
Jaeda (
Cycle 7)
Samantha (
Cycle 8)
Diana (Cycle 8)
Whitney (Cycle 8)

We encourage anyone and any agencies to ask a question. If you would like to be part of this interview, please go here and ask your questions(s) at the bottom of the page.


Chunky said...

Did Jennipher get in trouble for shoving Ann?

Why did Samantha make that strange movement when Natasha's name was called at elimination instead of hers?

Did Whitney ever return to Dartmouth?

Anonymous said...

to everyone: do you still keep in touch with the girls from your cycle. if so, who

Anonymous said...

Brooke - Do you feel like Tyra sent you home on your graduation day just for good television?

Whitney - Do you feel like "plus size" models are treated fairly? (I put "plus size" in quotes because I don't believe you are "plus size"!)

Keenyah - Was there a lot of pressure on you to lose weight?

Jaeda - Do you think your short hair hurt you? How long is your hair now?

Anonymous said...

To everyone - What were the pressures like in the house? Did Tyra encourage a certain standard (weight or otherwise) that's unhealthy? Do you think the show is a good influence on young girls?

Anonymous said...

Pros and cons of entering this contest? Had you watched previous cycles before entering? What do your friends and families think of your stint on reality TV?

Anonymous said...

Were you forced to fake your excitement over Tyra Mail?

Is it common for agencies/clients to contact you after seeing the show? And do you get contacted from the guest designers that appeared on your cycle?

Speaking of which, "cycle" sounds so...menstrual. Yes, no?

Anonymous said...

To the girls from Cycle 5 to present. This is something ive always wondered since I first watched ANTM.

How is it like to shoot the opening for TOP MODEL? Is it just like a regular photoshoot? or something?