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Monday, November 19, 2007

Thousands march in gay pride parade in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires, Argentina – On Saturday the 17th of November, thousands of lesbians and gays marched in the 16th Gay Pride Parade in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.

During the early hours of the evening, a crowd of people began to gather in the traditional and historical Plaza de Mayo, near of the Casa Rosada, seat of the country's executive power. The police positioned operatives by the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral to avoid clashes between Catholic groups and those protesting for gay and lesbian rights.

In statements made exclusively to Wikinews, the chairwoman of the National Institute Against the Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI) expressed that the march was of utmost importance.

"This is an advance for democracy, that we can gather so many people to celebrate diversity. We must work against all type of discrimination, and especially on this day against homophobia, and also pursue the rights not afforded us; for example, the identity of transsexual people," stated María José Lubertino, chairwoman of the INADI.

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