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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Get your voice heard: Ask the Representative to the Dalai Lama a question or two

Wikinews is currently preparing an interview with Tashi Wangdi, the representative for Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama and we need questions to ask him.

Anyone can ask a question. If you would like to participate, then go here to the interview page and post your question. If there is not already a section that interests you, then you are welcome to start a new one.

You have to hurry though, because the representative is only available for a short period.

>>Click here to ask a question<<


Anonymous said...

1. Why did you place a convicted Nazi War Criminal, Dr. Bruno Beger and an of Hitler's SS Death Squad's, Heinrich Harrer, in top posts in your government in exile?

2. Why do you have so many photo ops with these two former members of Hitler's murderous Nazi SS?

3. Why do you promote the products and books of these two Nazis?

4. Why have you not condemned these two Nazis and the crimes that they have committed and/or their organizations have perpetrated?

5. Why do you promote Shoko Asahara, the Tokyo subway killer, especially after receiving 1.2 million dollars from him?

6. Why do you ask that Neo-Nazi Augustine Pinochet, "the Butcher of Chile" be spared a trial for mass murder, when you ignore everyone else who may be in trouble with the law, who are not wealthy and powerful leaders?

7. How do you call yourself a man of peace when you accepted large amounts of money from the CIA to train an army?

8. Why have you not denounced the medieval practices that you presided over in Tibet when you ruled there, such as gouging of eye balls, amputation of limbs and tongue cutting and slavery and serfdom?

Please answer these questions because as I right now, I believe that you are no holy man.

Seminole said...

And you, sir, sound like an agent for the Chinese government, whose propaganda

Seminole said...

... you repeat with such fervor.
I feel so sorry for your poor soul.

Love and light,

Anonymous said...

The Chinese gov't pays an army of bloggers to plant and disseminate official government propaganda on many blogs. Justice1913 is obviously one. Their views aren't credible.